The Storms Are Over In Your Life – Dele Olawanle


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Ever since the Covid-19 outbreak, people around the world have been facing a lot of pressure – financially, emotionally, physically, and even spiritually. The global storm has changed tthe world forever, and it continues to threaten the existence of entire communities. Whether you sink or thrive during this global turbulence depends on how you perceive and respond to the raging storms around you.

This book is a recovery manual to help you win your battles and ovecome adversity. It will teach you how to be resilient, flexible, and creative in the middle of your storms. You will gain inspiration from the author’s experiences and find the wisdom you need to overcome the storms of life.

It is time for you to fight the good fight of faith for your life, family, and nation, because you are a winner. The storms are over in your life.


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