Pastor Dele Olawanle


….on 13 October 2002, Pastor Dele was ordained as an Evangelist by his late Spiritual father Apostle Timothy Oluwole Obadare and he started pastoring a branch.

Pastor Dele Olawanle was born over 50 years ago in Nigeria. He arrived in the UK in 1990 and has lived in the UK on a continuous basis since then.

The story of Pastor Dele is unusual. He calls himself the first and the last following in the steps of his Master Jesus Christ. He is the first child on his father’s side and the last on his mothers. Because of the hand of God on him, he calls himself an Apostle of Grace.

Pastor Dele’s mother was a widow with five children when she met Pastor Dele’s father. Shortly after Pastor Dele’s parents met, his mother became pregnant. Considering that she was too old to have another child…….


Founding Pastor -WKICC

WINNERS–KINGDOM INTERNATIONAL CHRISTIAN CENTRE (WKICC) Started in AUGUST 2004 after the Lord led Pastor OLAWANLE to begin the ministry after serving in another ministry in various capacities for about fifteen years.

The first meeting was attended by a total of 20 people at Wally Foster Community Centre. The number of attendants has been growing steadily since the church began.

Pastor Dele on TV

Pastor Dele Olawanle is the host of the popular daily TV programme, Legal Panorama. Legal Panorama is a legal programme where he discusses current and legal issues that affects people’s everyday lives.

Pastor Dele has also been a contributor on many Christian television programmes for years which also reaches a wide audience. The programme called “I AM WINNING” is to challenge every believer to be a winner. 

Principal Solicitor

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Publisher & Author

Pastor Dele is also a prolific writer. In May 2006, he released his first book titled “Discover Your Purpose” and in June 2007, he released his second book titled “Prayer is not the Answer”. He calls this book a life changer. ‘Add Value’ is a book that challenges you to get a skill. 

Denied by Character and Breaking the Patterns of Failure are best sellers and many more.

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